My Stories

Here are some of the stories I have available. Click on the amazonkindle link and you will go directly to the product page on Amazon.


When I Fall in Loveamazonkindle
A girl’s perfect world is shattered when she has to care for her less-than-perfect grandparents while the rest of the family seeks to protect “their share” of the estate.

Preacher Manamazonkindle
A small time con man fleeing cops and drug dealers is mistaken for the new pastor of a small church in a remote Nevada town. One small time con man, one small church, and one remote Nevada town will never be the same.


The Outer Rimsamazonkindle
A rugged frontier space marshal must choose between standing up for justice or ignoring crimes so his wife can be healed from a terminal disease.

The Final Cureamazonkindle 
Aliens provide a free cure for cancer to the world but the drug is addictive and will make humans their slaves.

The Harvestamazonkindle
Mutants bred for their organs escape the harvesting farms and set out to kill the humans they were designed to save.


Private detective Josh Lyons thought it was a routine job. He was wrong.


You Can’t Do That! The Story of Gladys Aylwardamazonkindle
A picture book about Gladys Aylward.

That’s Nothing!amazonkindle
A picture book about friendship.


Evernote for Writersamazonkindle
How I use Evernote in my writing process.

The End: Coming Soon to a World Near Youamazonkindle
Predictions of the end of the world have been with us for a long time. Is it possible that it could be soon?

A Thousand Miles of Miracle in China by A.E. Glover … amazonkindle
A missionary family in China during the Boxer Uprising share their story.



Staff Sgt. Noah Jaeger never wanted to return to his hometown but after he was dishonorably discharged from the Army, he learned his mother was dying of cancer and he knew he had to be with her during her final battle even if that meant being in Paradise Gulch where people had long memories and were slow to forgive.

Book 1: Return to ParadiseComing Soon!
Book 2: Gold for the TakingComing Soon!
Book 3: This Land is MineComing Soon!
Book 4: Whiter Than Snow …Coming Soon!
The Boxed Set of Books 1-4Coming Soon!

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